Tuesday, April 6, 2010

River Flooding

The Minnesota River flooded a few weeks back and the roads are still closed in Shakopee going into Chaska and Eden Prairie. Here are a few pics from a few weeks back.
Can't get in the car without a snack, of course We're stopped on the road waiting for a train to pass.

A view of the flooding from Huber Park in downtown Shakopee

As Lilly would say "That water's not post be there."

It's hard to tell in pictures what's normal or not, but none of that water should be there.

Looking at the pavillion-again, where water is not supposed to be

LOTS of water!

Normally, you can walk under that bridge on a path. The actual river bank is on ther other side of the trees that are on the righthand side of the picture.
Looking out onto the river. The actual river bank is on the other side of the trees.

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