Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Strangely Similar

Daddy and Malachi at 4 months

Daddy and Lilly at 5 months

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gotta Love Fall!

So, one day I thought "Hey, I used to teach preschool and I now have a preschooler. I should get all that stuff out and put it to good use!"

Remember what I said about Lilly's smiling? This is a perfect example!
This is her displaying a fall tree that she had placed leaves, animals and birds on.

Creating an apple tree with apples and paint. Sadly, I used acrylic paint since that is all I had and it ended up staining the shirt; won't be wearing that again...

Malachi is always entertained simply by watching whatever Lilly is doing.

Here's Lilly copying what she sees on a picture to make her own Jack-O-Lantern

First Feedings

I think this was either squash or carrots...his facial expressions are quite amusing :)

First time with rice cereal and a spoon in his mouth.

I think I like it?

Apple Orchard

Lilly's in a new stage of not wanting to smile for the camera. So, if you see a genuine smile from's rare :)

Daddy and Lilly looking for the perfect tree

This one looks good!

Lilly was doing a good job picking the apples, but not so good at finding the good ones. So Drew and I ended up leaving behind a fare amount of the ones she picked.

Someday I can try one of these...

Hey! I can find really good ones up here!